Guy Haywood MD FRCP

Consultant Cardiologist

Specialist in Adult Cardiology with a focus on heart rhythm problems and coronary artery disease

Helping you, helping people, helping the planet

From 1/1/2021 my private medical practice company At Heart Ltd has become an official partner with Eden Reforestation Projects (our logo, drawn by my son, is one of many on their ‘Seed Partners’ page )

£10 from each consultation or heart procedure fee will go to the amazing work which this non-profit organisation is doing to alleviate poverty and reforest the planet.

Eden Projects works with local communities and provides employment, doing work of which people can feel proud, replanting their forests and helping to reverse climate change, while providing economic independence for families. Please watch the video clips to see the inspirational work the Eden teams are doing around the planet.

Alleviating poverty through reforestation Madagascar 2021:

Every time you breathe update:

2020 year in review: